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South India Tour: Exploring the Unexplored

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Over the years, the South India has grown to become the top most destinations for indigenous and exotic tourists alike. The south region is dotted with spectacular sea beaches, picturesque backwaters interconnected with rivers & canals, parks, sanctuaries, hill stations, beautiful gardens and many more.

Simply put, South Indian tour is the best option to discover India. It helps visitors to know the real India with roots linked to its rich culture and traditions which stood tall against all the vagaries of time. There are many unexplored places that captures moments of love, romance and mysteries of nature.

Exquisite Temples

The South India is known for architectural wonders and houses some of the best temples, mosques and churches in the country which are supreme expressions of religious devotions. Temples in Madurai, Rameshwaram, Mysore and Kanyakumari are famous temples among pilgrims all over the world. In Mangalore, St. Paul church is frequently visited by tourists throughout the year.

Peculiarity of South India

If north India is known for lofty Himalayan range of mountains, Ganga River, hill stations and various pilgrim centres, then South India is famous for vast & virgin beaches, lakes, exquisite architectural temples.

Moreover, the South Indian states (Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and telangana) are connected by sea routes too, apart from traditional routes of road and railway network. Most of the beaches offer spectacular view of sunrise and sunset, where sun seems to be in romantic relationship with sea.

Famous Hill Stations

What Mussoorie is to North India, Ooty in Tamil Nadu is considered to be Queen of the Hill stations in South India? Tea estate, pine forest, Fernhills palace, Pykara Lake, Doddabetta peak is other major attractions.

Coonoor is another appealing hill station, nearly 17 km from Ooty. The breathtakingly natural beauty of Coorg (Karnataka), another hill station attracts tourists in large numbers.

Tea plantations with many wildlife sanctuary and national parks fill the temptation for tourists to visit Munnar hill station in the western ghats of mountains (Kerela). The other major hill stations of South India are Kodaikanal, Araku Valley and Ananthagiri hills.

Famous Beaches

Naturally refreshing and fantastically photogenic, South India is at its brilliant best by the numerous sea beaches. Most are used for fun ‘n’ frolic where you mingle with the fascinating mixture of people. The important one are:

  • RamaKrishna Beach (Vishakhapatnam)
  • Marina Beach (Chennai)
  • Varkala Beach (Thiruvanathapuram)
  • Alappuzha Beach (Allappuzha)
  • Kanyakumari Beach
  • Lighthouse Beach ( Kovalam)
  • Auroville Beach (Pondicherry)
  • Paradise Beach (Pondhicherry)

Charminar and Golkonda Fort

Telangana in South India is the youngest state which is home to three national parks and nine wildlife sanctuaries. Charminar and Golkonda fort in Hyderabad are major tourists’ attractions. However, your tour to Telangana is incomplete, if you miss sacred groves, which are 65 in total number. These are small areas of forest preserved by local people.

Kanya Kumari: Tail End of India

The coastal place is the last southern end of India where three seas Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal merge to give spectacular view for sight-seeing. The wonder of sunrise and sunset is a treat to eyes.

The major tourist attractions are Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari Temple and 133-feet Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar statue is the latest tourist attraction for visitors.

Don’t Real Estate Clients Deserve The TRUTH?

Friday, September 8th, 2017

While Realtors agree to live by, and abide with, the Code of Ethics, there is often a big difference, between, merely abiding by, and taking it fully, to – heart! Since real estate agents, only make a living, when/ if they sell (or list, and it sells) a property/ house, far too often, the overwhelming focus, ends up being on selling and sales, unfortunately, at times, at the expense of providing the type of quality service, clients need and deserve! In the vast majority of instances, agents are ethical, caring people, but human nature, often interferes, because selling, may consume them, and their time (and focus). With this in mind, this article will briefly examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what providing real estate agents, with the TRUTH, means and represents.

1. Truthful; timely: While an agent owes his allegiance to his client, he must consistently be truthful, and honest, in everything he says, and does! He must explain fully, and provide essential, focused, directed, timely advice, as well as consistently taking timely action!

2. Real estate; relevant; realistic: Agents must be knowledgable and skilled, so they provide the best, real estate advice! They must know and understand their local market, and provide relevant representation. To do so, they must be willing to provide realistic advice, including the realities of pricing, Understand my trademarked slogan, I’ll always tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear!

3. Unique; useful; usable: What unique services, skills, etc, will a particular agent be offering? Evaluate whether the feedback is consistently useful and usable, and answers/ address concerns and questions, fully and honestly!

4. Trends: The best service can only be provided, if an agent knows and recognizes the relevant trends, which might impact, affect, and help, the marketing of a specific home!

5. Helpful; head/ heart: Evaluate whether the advice, service and direction taken, is truly helpful, for the client, in order to achieve his objectives! The finest real estate professionals consistently look at both the emotional, as well as logical approach, and provide the finest service and advice. This commitment to maintaining a head/ heart balance, is what often differentiates quality representation, and simply, the ordinary!

Since there is little doubt, real estate clients deserve and need the TRUTH from their agents, shouldn’t professionals strive to consistently provide that, and proceed accordingly? How do you feel about this concept and approach?